Why Choose Us?

The BTL (Back Torque Limiter) SuterClutch was specifically developed to improve lap times while reducing the physical effort required by the rider. It can be simply and easily adjusted to different conditions and rider styles. It reduces the strain on all components including the gearbox, prevents over-revving of the engine and maximizes the suspension performance.

The SuterClutch precisely controls all aspects of engine braking, massively improving the stability of the bike. This results in stable late braking, precise corner entry and optimal corner exit speed.

With over 400 Grand Prix victories and countless World Championship titles, the SuterClutch is becoming essential, to compete at the highest level. Increasingly, the factory teams are relying on Suter clutches! Tested and proven in the toughest of all competitions.

About Us

About TriR

Located in Northern Illinois, TriR has been supplying the Powersports Industry with some of the best brand names in the industry since 1986. Adding to those brands in 2019 was the addition of Suter Racing Clutch, we had a strong focus on Flat Track applications and the benefits a BTL (BackTorque Limiter) Suter Clutch would bring to this application making a great addition to our company.

About Suter Racing

SuterClutch, The First Choice for many Factory teams in WSBK, MOTOGP, MXGP and now AFT

Over 400 Grand Prix victories and countless World Championship titles with the SuterClutch speak for themselves – engineering and technology at the highest level.

Our roots go back to motorcycle racing era of the 1990s. Eskil Suter was a successful Grand Prix racing driver from 1991 to 1998 in the 250cm3 and 500cm3 class and founded the Suter Racing company in 1996. With the SuterClutch – an entirely new type of clutch – he brought an important technological innovation to the market. The company’s activities were gradually extended to other products, such as high-performance engines, motorcycles and various components, and further consolidated through cooperations and technology partnerships with well-known companies such as Kawasaki or Aprilia. In 2010, Suter Racing won the Moto2 constructors world championship and went on to successfully defend the title in 2011 and 2012. In 2015, Suter Racing launched a four-cylinder two-stroke racing machine with the worldwide exclusive Suter500, which was developed completely in-house.